Pastor’s Corner – September 9th

Forgiveness Will Bring Freedom in Your Life

“You are the man!” (2 Samuel 12:7)

Are you hiding something this morning? Listen to me, sooner or later our sins will find us out. King David had been trying to hide his sin, so it was probably a relief of some sort when the prophet Nathan confronted him saying, “You are the man!” You know it seems like in Christians and our churches today that genuine repentance and confession of sin is almost non-existent in this generation. We have developed a pattern of making excuses for our ill behavior or explain away our guilt and blame it on the other person. We try to down play its significance and divert the attention to other things. But finally David said, “I have sinned against the Lord” (2 Samuel 12:13). I have found from this example in God’s Word that the only way that me or you will ever get freedom from guilt is to step up to the plate, realize and acknowledge what we have done and quit blaming everyone else and take full responsibility for what we did! Hey, we may have to face some difficult consequences (which today you never hear of). But I’m so thankful, we’ll face them while wrapped in our Lord’s mercy and grace! We may have to make some corrections or restitution and as the old saying goes, “take our medicine”, but praise the Lord we’ll do it with the help of our Lord’s grace! Listen to me, when we keep hiding our sins, they fester up like old pus in a sore and become like an overtaking cancer to the soul. Quit being stubborn and find the freedom of forgiveness that our Heavenly Father is just waiting to give!

Love in Christ Jesus!

Pastor Mike