Pastor’s Corner – September 2nd


“This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.” (Psalm 118:24)

Old Pontius Pilate was known for his meanness and brutal ways. He once ordered the killing of some Galilean Jews who were offering sacrifices at the temple in Jerusalem. Maybe they had broken some Roman rule and Pilate used them as an example to others. We can probably say though for sure, that it likely never crossed their minds that they would be killed that day and the way they died either. When Jesus heard about this, He mentioned another event that a tower near the pool of Siloam in Jerusalem fell and killed 18 people. What was His point? It was that this life is so uncertain with the exception of one thing! We all die, and without repentance, there’s no eternal life. As a believer, we need to leave the when and how to our Lord and celebrate the gift of life while we can! Some people go through this old life worrying about the things they can’t predict and mad about the things they can predict but can’t control. Solomon and Jesus would say, “Enjoy life today and leave what you don’t know to God.” Are you stewing over anything this morning or any day that is robbing you of your joy? Turn it over to our Lord and let us rejoice in the day He has made and given us! The only way to enjoy this old life in the midst of its uncertainties is to live every day in the certainty that we have an almighty and loving Lord Jesus! Make every day count, make every hour count and make every minute count!

Love In Christ Jesus!

Preacher Mike