Pastor’s Corner – October 7th


“But I say unto you, love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you.” (Matt.5:44)

What would you do today if you were told you only have a week to live or a day to live or even an hour to live? What would you do with your time left? Most likely, I know for me, I would want to visit all my family and friends if I were able to. If not I would try to call them. We may also try to go back and try to tie up some loose ends or try to heal some broken relationships.  And it would probably seem like a lot easier knowing that your time is very short, but what about today? What about right now as you are reading this? It is so sad at all the broken relationships in the world today but it’s even more heartbreaking at all the broken relationships within the church family today! Professing believers not willing to forgive and restore a broken relationship even when God’s Word tells us that is exactly what we supposed to do! We are supposed to show our love for others—and not just the ones who are easy to love, but also our enemies. It amazes me how so many non—Christians can appreciate and show the importance of living a life free of hate and spite and yet you have some supposedly born-again believers who choose to hold a grudge or do things out of spite or sow words of discord knowing that the Bible plainly instructs us not to! What is it going to take in your life for the Lord to get your attention about forgiveness? We need to search our heart today! Don’t waste another minute! How are you going to show love to those around you and in the world? Before it’s too late, share the love of our Lord Jesus with everyone in your life! Give forgiveness out just like Jesus gives it out to us daily! From a husband, wife, child or friend to an enemy, life’s too short not to show love! Thank you Lord for loving me when so many times I’m so unlovable! What a friend we have in Jesus!

Love in Christ Jesus!

Pastor Mike