Pastor’s Corner – July 1st

A Word From The Preacher

I would just like to thank everyone who volunteered this year for our Vacation Bible School. Our Bible School would not have been possible without each and everyone’s help. It is a true testimony of your compassion and love that you have for young people and our Lord Jesus. You showed a love through action and not just words and that is what God’s Word is all about! The Lord Jesus has truly blessed us here at Fairview Baptist and in order for our church to continually grow and the Lord to bless; each and everyone one of us has to show a great love and devotion to Him and this church. We have to be faithful in all that we do for the Lord and to run and finish that race that He has for each one of our lives. These young people are the future of the church and we have to prepare them and teach them God’s Word and get them ready to TAKE THE BATON OF SPREADING THE GOOD NEWS OF JESUS CHRIST! I’m already starting to think about next year’s Vacation Bible School and it won’t be long to start preparing for it. Once again from the bottom of my heart a big THANK YOU to all those who made this week possible. GOD BLESS YOU!

Love in Christ Jesus!

Preacher Mike