Pastor’s Corner – August 19th

Difficulties In This Life Will Soon Be Ending

Psalm 91:2 “ i will say of the lord, he is my refuge and my fortress: my god; in him i will trust.”

As I have been to the mountains and the beach and all over and see our lord Jesus’ creations each day, I’m reminded and realize regardless of what happens to me or any born-again follower of Jesus Christ in this life, no matter how depressing the news around the world is or how difficult or dark the season we might be enduring today or tomorrow or next week or next month or this  year or years to come, life in my Lord Jesus has a happy and glorious ending and nothing in earth or in Heaven or in hell can ever take that away! When the pain and heartache of today’s world or circumstances weighs heavy on us, all we have to do is look up and look ahead at the radiant end of this life story and the joyous beginning of a new life story that will never end! An eternal story with one great and central theme: “worthy is the lamb that was slain!” And one glorious day we will rule and reign with him forever and ever! Hallelujah to the Lamb of God!

Love in Christ Jesus!

Preacher mike