Pastor’s Corner – November 18th



Pastor’s Corner – November 11th


“ Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.” ( Acts 4:12 ) Read more

Pastor’s Corner – November 4th


“Motives are weighed by the Lord.” (Proverbs 16:2) Read more

Pastor’s Corner – October 21st


“Then Judas, which betrayed him, answered and said, Master, is it I?” (Matt.26:25)

If there was ever a man who had an awesome opportunity and blew it, it was Judas. Think about it, he basically lived with Jesus three years and it didn’t change him. He continued to be filled with greed, self and of course egged on by his lust for money. Being Satan filled and Satan guided, he became the old devil’s tool that helped put Jesus on the cross! Judas serves as a red light warning. It’s possible to appear to be “close” to Jesus and still be lost. Here was a man who walked and talked and spent three years in an intimate relationship with the Son of God. He walked with Him, prayed with Him, ate with Him; seen miracles performed by Him and heard His sermons. But Judas wasn’t really a Christian, a true Christ-follower. I can tell you one thing, it is a great warning to me and I hope to you that everyone of us need to examine our hearts to see whether or not we are truly in the faith. We are not saved by hearing sermons every Sunday, or working in the church all the time, or being a member of a church for fifty years, or singing in the choir, or serving as a Deacon, or serving as the Pastor! We must (everyone) genuinely repent of sin (something not preached on much anymore) and give Jesus all our heart, all our soul, all our mind and all of our life! We must be saved by His marvelous grace and mercy! Washed in His blood! A heart transplant by the Great Physician! And transformed by His Word! The same sins that destroyed Judas are the same sins that we face every day and can destroy us if we are not walking and obeying our Lord Jesus every day. “I need Thee every hour, teach me Thy will; And Thy rich promises in me fulfill.”

Love in Christ!

Pastor Mike

Pastor’s Corner – October 14th



As I sat in my bed last night and thought about several major events over the course of my life I can say that great times of insight and spiritual growth and a closer walk with my Lord have come during times of great heartache, disappointment and struggles. I think about the time of excitement and joy when we found out we were having our first son only to have our hearts broken as Tyler was born at 28 weeks and we got to be with him for 11 hours before our Lord took him home to be with Him. I think about the look and heartbreak in Karen’s eyes as we were leaving the hospital and seeing the other mother’s holding their little babies and us preparing funeral services for our son. I think about the other 3 late term miscarriages with one being a set of twins and the heartache and loss and what Karen had to go through physically and mentally during those times. I think about my 17-year-old nephew Stephen, who was like a son to me and stayed with us all the time, killed in a car accident. I think about my 31 year old nephew Shane, Stephen’s brother, who was like a son to me and also stayed with us alot lost his life. I could go on and on but I want to say that all these things and other things not mentioned brought intense heartache and struggle into my life. These things forced me to look and evaluate life particularly mine and how short life here on this earth is. But they also helped shape my thinking, my attitude, my faith and my reverence for the Lord. Now don’t get me wrong, I have had some awesome mountaintop experiences in my life and in those times I could feel my Lord’s presence in a mighty way and came away from them very grateful and confident and full of joy. But I have to say that much of my life has not been up on the mountaintop. It’s been in the valley and alot of them deep and dark valleys like some of you that may be reading this. But I can say that is where I have learned more about my Lord’s faithfulness and power and love than I would have otherwise. That is where I learned to trust Him more and to walk in obedience according to His perfect Word. It’s in the valleys of this life that I realize more and more each day that my Lord Jesus is in control of His children’s ultimate destiny. He has used these situations and will use future situations in my life to bring about His purposes and plans. I can say that I would not be where I’m at today in my walk with my Lord Jesus  if I had not went through these trials and tribulations and valleys. Through all the hardships and heartaches and struggles of my experiences my Jesus has showed me His character and His love. He has remained faithful and true even in times when I questioned and doubted and I didn’t remain faithful to Him. HE HAS ALWAYS REMAINED AND ALWAYS WILL BE FAITHFUL TO ME. I could go on and on but I will close with this we can be confident that whatever situation we may find ourselves in He is always in control and uses all situations to bring about His purposes.   Feel free to share this if you like because I  know my Lord wanted me to share this with you and remember that I love you but even greater our Lord Jesus loves you!        Love In Christ,  Pastor Mike

Pastor’s Corner – October 7th


“But I say unto you, love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you.” (Matt.5:44)

What would you do today if you were told you only have a week to live or a day to live or even an hour to live? What would you do with your time left? Most likely, I know for me, I would want to visit all my family and friends if I were able to. If not I would try to call them. We may also try to go back and try to tie up some loose ends or try to heal some broken relationships.  And it would probably seem like a lot easier knowing that your time is very short, but what about today? What about right now as you are reading this? It is so sad at all the broken relationships in the world today but it’s even more heartbreaking at all the broken relationships within the church family today! Professing believers not willing to forgive and restore a broken relationship even when God’s Word tells us that is exactly what we supposed to do! We are supposed to show our love for others—and not just the ones who are easy to love, but also our enemies. It amazes me how so many non—Christians can appreciate and show the importance of living a life free of hate and spite and yet you have some supposedly born-again believers who choose to hold a grudge or do things out of spite or sow words of discord knowing that the Bible plainly instructs us not to! What is it going to take in your life for the Lord to get your attention about forgiveness? We need to search our heart today! Don’t waste another minute! How are you going to show love to those around you and in the world? Before it’s too late, share the love of our Lord Jesus with everyone in your life! Give forgiveness out just like Jesus gives it out to us daily! From a husband, wife, child or friend to an enemy, life’s too short not to show love! Thank you Lord for loving me when so many times I’m so unlovable! What a friend we have in Jesus!

Love in Christ Jesus!

Pastor Mike

Pastor’s Corner – September 30th


“You will show me the path of life; in Your presence is fullness of joy; at Your right hand are pleasures forevermore. (Psalm 16:11)

What are you and I fanatic about? Maybe you love NFL football or maybe college football, maybe a dream job or maybe a hobby outdoors. For me I love to fish and hunt! You most likely have at least one certain thing you do that gets you fired up more than any other activity. And probably all your friends and family around you clearly understands what gets you energized up and it ain’t no pink energizer bunny. You’ll be like those crazy NC State Wolfpack and UNC Tarheel football fans that sit in those stands basically all day to watch the football game regardless of what the weather may be! That’s commitment! That’s a fanatic! You may work everyday of the year up to the opening day of deer season and then take 2 weeks off just to try to get that BIG BUCK! I got to thinking about all the things that me and so many people get crazy and fanatic about in this old world that are just temporary, and it made me realize that our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ wants us to have that inner-sincere excitement about our daily walk with HIM! So many times we get caught up in all this STUFF and all these extracurricular activities that we ignore and put off meeting with our Lord on a daily basis. If our time with our Creator and Savior seems more like a duty than pleasure, we need to back up and evaluate how we spend our time, and with who, and what. Listen, our spiritual life should draw and give us more enthusiasm and excitement and joy than any favorite football, basketball or baseball team! If we worshipped the Lord like some worship their sports team there would be a great revival across this nation! We need to get our priorities right and just remember that this old world is temporary and we should be living in view of eternity! So let’s ask ourselves this question, “How can I make my everyday walk with my Lord Jesus more exciting?” We are living in some terrible times and I just pray that our Heavenly Father will refresh our spirit and attitudes as we go throughout each day here at Fairview Baptist Church and make us a FANATIC FOR CHRIST!

Love in Christ Jesus!         Pastor Mike

Pastor’s Corner – September 24th


“ He has commanded us to love one another.” ( 2 John 1:6 )

Each morning pray: “ Lord, whether or not I get anything else done, help me to spend this day loving You and loving others, because that’s what your Word says life is all about.” If you do that, you’ll treat those around you more graciously—and people will notice it. You’ll start winning where you’ve lost. The more time we give to someone, the more we show them how much we care and their importance to us. It’s not enough to tell them they’re important, we must prove it by action and investing in them. The best way to spell love is T-I-M-E! Love is not what you think or feel about others; NO, it’s how much you give of yourself to them. We as men greatly struggle with this. We say, “ I don’t understand my wife and kids. I provide everything they need. What more could they want?” THEY WANT YOU! They want your attention! Love concentrates so much on another that it forgets itself. This kind of attention says, “I care for you enough to give you my most precious asset—my time.” Why is now the best time to express our love? Because we don’t know how long we’ll have the opportunity to do so. Our circumstances change, people and loved ones die, our children grow up. The truth is, we have no guarantee of tomorrow. If we want to express our love we’d better do it now. So, who do we need to start spending more time with? What do we need to cut out of our schedule to make that possible? The best use of life is love, the best expression of love is time, and the best time for love is now. We make time for what we love.  What will it be? ONLY WORDS OR WORDS BACKED UP WITH ACTION!

Love In Christ Jesus!

Preacher Mike

Pastor’s Corner – September 9th

Forgiveness Will Bring Freedom in Your Life

“You are the man!” (2 Samuel 12:7)

Are you hiding something this morning? Listen to me, sooner or later our sins will find us out. King David had been trying to hide his sin, so it was probably a relief of some sort when the prophet Nathan confronted him saying, “You are the man!” You know it seems like in Christians and our churches today that genuine repentance and confession of sin is almost non-existent in this generation. We have developed a pattern of making excuses for our ill behavior or explain away our guilt and blame it on the other person. We try to down play its significance and divert the attention to other things. But finally David said, “I have sinned against the Lord” (2 Samuel 12:13). I have found from this example in God’s Word that the only way that me or you will ever get freedom from guilt is to step up to the plate, realize and acknowledge what we have done and quit blaming everyone else and take full responsibility for what we did! Hey, we may have to face some difficult consequences (which today you never hear of). But I’m so thankful, we’ll face them while wrapped in our Lord’s mercy and grace! We may have to make some corrections or restitution and as the old saying goes, “take our medicine”, but praise the Lord we’ll do it with the help of our Lord’s grace! Listen to me, when we keep hiding our sins, they fester up like old pus in a sore and become like an overtaking cancer to the soul. Quit being stubborn and find the freedom of forgiveness that our Heavenly Father is just waiting to give!

Love in Christ Jesus!

Pastor Mike

Pastor’s Corner – September 2nd


“This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.” (Psalm 118:24) Read more